Not-So-Hot Stuff

I hate talking about myself, which is why I’m writing a post about it.

On Friday, I had 6 adults in my classroom during one period. The Math Coach from another school came over with one of her teachers and the Director of IT from the district office. The RSP teacher and my math coach joined them and my principal happened to drop by for a visit that day.

“Guys, it’s a little tight in here.”

Later, I got two more emails from people asking to come (with guests) and watch the iPad class. I’m not doing anything spectacular with the iPads, but it’s the big thing right now and apparently that makes me a hot ticket.

My principal did little to dispel my discomfort.

“In your class, you’ve made the iPad a part of the regular day. That’s what they want to see.”

There’s a circus in town, and the tent is in room P-08.

“Come one, come all! Watch me use an Apple TV!”

Recently, a new teacher posted on his/her blog “I want to skip to when I’m established in my craft, after all this hard work of becoming a good teacher.”

I thought that was interesting; because the established teachers that I know rarely feel that they have “arrived”.

Established teachers are the ones who improve daily.
Teachers who don’t improve haven’t “arrived”, they’ve stagnated.


I don’t feel like I deserve all the focus–the attention the iPad circus is getting.

That’s okay that I don’t deserve it. I haven’t arrived yet.

Keep going, dude.

~Mr. V

8 responses to “Not-So-Hot Stuff

  1. Came across your blog as I scanned the email for a way to teach my sixth graders Cornell notes ~ absolutely love your statement re: having arrived and established teachers being the ones that improve daily.

  2. Some great points and I think you nailed it: great teachers are always striving to improve. As always, you include the best pictures.

  3. Jeanne Damone O'Connor

    Your statement about teacher “arrival” was absolutely refreshing and right on the money. I have been teaching for 26 years and still dont feel the need for that arrival experience. For me arrival = plateau. This journey we have embarked on as educators is full of arrivals that should ultimately lead us to the next adventure. I can honestly say that after all these years of teaching, this has been the most exciting era. Still want to keep traveling.

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  5. Do you actually have Apple TV? If not, don’t get it yet. Google “Air Server” and buy that instead. It’s $12 instead of $99, and it does all the stuff you’d want Apple TV to do in your classroom anyway. It sends up to 16 iPad screens to your laptop or computer screen at once, which you can then connect to your projector. I use it to have students project their screens on the board, and occasionally to keep a watchful eye on the kids who have trouble staying away from Angry Birds during class time. (Plus, you can license up to three separate computers for one purchase, which means at my school, I can share it with two other teachers and it only costs me $4.)

  6. Thanks for the post. I’d love to know how you’re using the iPads in your teaching…
    Keep up the good work!

  7. I agree! There have been so many times that people have said things like you’ve experienced (“so great, etc.”) but the thing is I am just doing! Your last statement says it all…”haven’t arrived yet” *:)

  8. I love the part about stagnating! It is so true. Even one of the veteran teachers (30 years +) at my school is still redefining what she does every year. Thanks for the post. Keep on, keeping on, dude!

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